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What We Are About

Our mission is to create a positive culture at every school through the use of effective communication strategies. No matter the . . .

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Why Effective Communication

Technology allows for communication and interaction with information and people 24/7/365 if we desire. Adult and child . . .

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How I Do It

In order to understand and honor school cultures, any new partnership with a school begins with an assessment. Just as in . . .

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Because Every Child Deserves A Great School Experience !

Latest Articles

Engaging our parents in the education process

Engaging our parents in the education process thumbnail

I was able to participate in a Twitter chat recently that focused on the topic of Family Engagement.  Lots of participants and lots of ideas and thinking – all in 140 characters or less!  This conversation reflects very well the challenge schools face in defining family engagement – everyone has their own opinion as to […]

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Where is “Effectively Communicate” on this list?

Where is “Effectively Communicate” on this list? thumbnail

10 Things leaders must learn to do This is a nice blog that got me thinking about the role of effective communication in leadership.  All of my experience in leadership has been in the education arena, so for me to cast a net into the business side of leadership, is a bit risky.  However, I […]

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