Effective communication sustains a positive work culture!

Effective communication sustains a positive work culture! thumbnail

Employees say you have a toxic culture? Here’s how to fix it

Besides the fact that this beautiful view makes everything feel better, as I read this short article linked above, I found myself reflecting on my work with school leaders and how they are dragged everywhere in trying to manage a thin budget and still get results. Too often the culture side gets ignored because there is little dollar value attached to it on the surface. Yet, making sure your front line people are supported – monetarily, emotionally, etc. – helps them be more effective which in turn helps the school as an organization. Paying attention to and setting a positive work culture are possibly the most important aspects of being an effective school leader.

By following my guide on how to effectively communicate, schools and parents can avoid the problem that American/US Airways is currently in the middle of: unhappy clients (students and parents) that don’t want to be there but they have to because it is convenient and inexpensive.

Why not learn to communicate effectively and make school a great experience for all our students?  I can help! Call or email me and I will help your school and parents communicate more effectively! And your students will reap the rewards!

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