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Who I am


Patrick J. Foehr is my given name.  However, everyone with whom I have developed any kind of relationship knows me as “PJ.”  I have been an educator my entire professional life.  For over twenty-five years I have worked in the field of education with students from ages pre-school through 12th grade.  I worked as a coach, teacher, assistant principal, principal, and, most recently as a consultant in the Superintendent’s office for Hawaii Catholic Schools.  I have taught self-contained classrooms, departmentalized grade levels, PE and coached athletics.  I have supervised teachers, classified staff and currently consult pre-K through 12th grade Hawaii Catholic Schools administrators and teachers in the areas of 21st Century learning and professional development.  I have worked mostly in public education; however the last three years I have spent in the private education arena.  I taught in the Saipan Public School System and have experience with the International Baccalaureate curriculum.   My career has put me in contact with students and parents of all abilities and socioeconomic levels.


I created foehrWARD THINKING with the desire to make sure our students actually enjoy the overall school experience.  That as educators we stop dwelling on the past and move forward believing that every child can and should have a great school experience.  I believe this can be done and should be done.  Often, as a system, we focus on the negative instead of the positive.   In order to achieve my goals with foehrWARD THINKING I recognized a need to teach the students and the adults who are intrinsically linked to the success of a child’s education, the tools to effectively communicate and thus make the school experience for every child a great one!


I believe this should be the goal and reality of every person involved in the education of children. With foehrWARD THINKING I intend to make sure everyone not only hears my message but also possesses the tools to make it happen!  I look forward to our work together to make sure every child has a great school experience.