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foehrWARD THINKING believes that every child deserves to look back at the end of their educational experience and smile!  Our children are growing up in the most rapidly changing time in the history of man.  Time seems to move faster and faster.  Technology allows for communication and interaction with information and people 24/7/365 if we desire.  Adult and child Day Planners are crammed with so many items it is a wonder we have time to breathe.


In the past few years movies like Waiting for Superman, and Road to Nowhere and Bully have really pushed my thinking that we are missing some big pieces in our approach to educating our children.  Why are there so many stories of kids hating school or kids totally disengaged from school?  I read papers and articles and blogs about teachers and administrators who are frustrated with student behaviors and the same reports from parents who can’t understand why schools will not help their child learn.    Standards and benchmarks and NCLB and accountability and data and technology and bell schedules… the list is endless.  So what to do about it?


foehrWARD THINKING reflects my belief that every person involved in a child’s education has an active role to play and does so with positive intent.  I believe that the every parent, aunty, uncle, teacher and administrator is doing what they believe is best for the education of our youth.  I also believe that often, we are terrible at both communicating that message and listening to others’ perspectives on how to accomplish the challenge of educating our youth.


At foehrWARD THINKING we want to make sure the adult problems are put aside and all energy is focused on supporting the student along their path of development.  Sometimes the challenge is due to academic issues and other times behavior issues.  Sometimes teacher issues and other times parental issues.  By following our method of effective communication, conversations in schools held will turn decidedly positive in nature and parents, schools and students will collectively begin to change their culture so that every child has a great school experience.


With my method of effective communication, parents feel comfortable approaching the school, schools feel confident in talking with parents and students develop the tools and the confidence to neutralize the negative effects of bullying.  Growing up is already fraught with challenges, we really do not need to complicate it anymore than biology already has.  foehrWARD THINKING gives everyone the tools to allow our students to deal with school on their terms and develop along their path.  Join my quest to  create a positive culture at every school and a great school experience for every child!



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