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Efficient, potent, productive…this is the type of communication necessary for education triumvirate to function successfully and give every child a great school experience!


foehrWARD THINKING was created to make sure of one thing and one thing only – that every child has great school experience! Our mission is to create a positive culture at every school through the use of effective communication strategies.  No matter the circumstances surrounding that school, Foehrward Thinking believes every child should be able to look back and say, “My time in school was great!”


Growing up is fraught with challenges, maybe more now in the 21st Century than ever before, and working through those challenges develops skills and character traits necessary for a person to thrive and make informed choices in adulthood.  However, even in the midst of change, intrinsic and extrinsic turmoil, students should still feel cared for, heard and respected. foehrWARD THINKING will help you create that environment by connecting Students, Parents and School personnel through effective communication strategies that promote collaboration and cooperation.


Through personalized coaching and engaging workshops, we work with schools to develop a common language of communication between students, parents and school personnel that facilitates positive, solution oriented discussions when challenging situations arise! foehrWARD THINKING will help your school put in place the communication tools necessary to reach a conclusion that all parties feel comfortable about and are willing to at least work together to support what’s best for the student so that everyone is prepared when a difficult situations comes up between any of the three groups.



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