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foehrWARD THINKING offers a variety of paths for schools to take in creating an environment that promotes effective communication for the purpose of making sure every child has a great school experience.

From small, personalized workshops for parents, staff and students to comprehensive yearlong series, I will work with each school as a partner and coach to guide them along their path to effective communication.


Individual Workshop/Presentation packages:


  • For Parents: How to communicate effectively with my child’s school!
    • Parents will learn applicable strategies and vocabulary to approach any situation at school and gain a partnership with the school.  No more arguing or getting angry or frustrated.  With my specific key phrases, parents can resolve any challenging school situation with teachers or administrators in a way that ensures cooperation from here on out! This workshop could be done in 1.5 hours.
  • For School Staff: How to conduct any meeting with parents and gain a partner in educating your students.
    • For teachers and administrators:  This workshop can be just about communicating with parents, but it would be best to do another portion on how we communicate with our students.
    • A separate workshop just for administrators (principals and assistant principals) is also available.


These workshops can range from 1.5 hours up to a full day depending on the needs and wants of the school.


  • For students: How to use specific language to neutralize the effects of bullying
    • This would be a 45 minute to 1 hour assembly, depending on the age groups involved.  I would include follow up sessions that would entail walking the campus during lunch, recess, and period changes.  Those areas are where a bulk of student interactions take place and that is where I would want to engage kids and model the effective communication strategies from the assembly.
    • I can also develop and present a welcome workshop to new families arriving at a school that helps them learn the language of the school and understand how we effectively communicate with each other at this school.  By frontloading parents and students with communication tools to help them confidently approach the school and other students, we give new families a clear picture of how our school operates to make sure our students have a great school experience. This kind of introductory training can be very beneficial to schools with a high number of military parents and students. This workshop would be 45 minutes to an hour in length depending on the age of the audience and the numbers in attendance, .


Also, for each presentation the school will receive a guide that encapsulates my core message to that particular audience.  It will be tailored to their school and their needs but reflect my core message of effective communication strategies that need to take place for every child to have a great school experience!


Year-long Culture Change Packages:


Ideally I believe that each school should combine all three of the individual packages into a longer term, ongoing yearlong series of workshops.  I can put together a FULL, personalized implementation package that would range from 15-20 hours per month per school or complex/district for an entire school year (August through May).  This gives the school more access to my time in the form of on-site coaching for teachers, administrators, parents, and students.  Plus, this structure allows the school and myself the flexibility to directly collaborate in structuring school rules and procedures that support a shift for the positive in school culture.

These longer packages are ideal for schools that have high dropout rates, high discipline rates, low academics or attendance or have stagnated and need a jumpstart.  In order to most smoothly affect change in instruction and assessment practices, open lines of effective communication need to be established and developed.  With the onset of the Common Core State Standards, and all the change that will bring, the type of communication coaching I am offering will be inherently necessary for everyone to work effectively together as they navigate this latest shift in the education framework.

I am also flexible enough to take one strand, say parents communicating with the school, and construct a year-long plan designed to not only help parents when approaching schools, but increase parent involvement in a positive way.

Each of these components can be flexed according to the needs of the particular school or school leader.  All of the workshops listed include an initial interview which will assess the communication effectiveness of the school in that particular area, personalized handouts articulating the steps to achieving Effective Communication, and ongoing, personalized attention from me.