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foehrWARD THINKING is about personal attention.  Every school has its own unique culture that needs to be honored.  Every parent wants their child’s needs met and wants to know they’re child is known and cared for at the school.  Every student wants to know their teachers and other school personnel actually care about them and that they are in a safe environment.  Through Effective Communication, we help schools make this level of attention a reality.


Every time I get involved with a school, I am eager to get to know that school and the people that make it go!  Meeting school personnel, parents, and students and finding out who they are is always an exciting proposition.  These new connections fuel my desire to make sure every child can look back on their education path and say, “I had a great school experience!”.


In order to understand and honor school cultures, any new partnership with a school begins with an assessment.  Just as in good teaching, I need to know where the school, parents and students stand in relation to effectively communication with each other.  My pre-assessment includes collection and review of both actual and perceived communication.  I conduct a thorough initial consultation that involves personal interviews, observations, and a review of communications sent to parents and students.  From this, I will work with the school community to set and implement a plan that expedites the creation of an environment of effective communication.


My work with schools is flexible enough to include a range of choices for schools.  I can set up small presentations for parents, the students and/or school personnel.  Or I can develop a series of workshops designed to fully transform any school into a place where all involved are communicating effectively with the purpose of providing a great school experience for each child.


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