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What We Are About

Our mission is to create a positive culture at every school through the use of effective communication strategies. No matter the . . .

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Why Effective Communication

Technology allows for communication and interaction with information and people 24/7/365 if we desire. Adult and child . . .

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How I Do It

In order to understand and honor school cultures, any new partnership with a school begins with an assessment. Just as in . . .

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Because Every Child Deserves A Great School Experience !

Latest Articles

Communication and Engagement

Communication and Engagement thumbnail

What came first?  The chicken or the egg?   In the school world this might sound like “Do I increase engagement opportunities for parents to improve communication or do I improve communication practices to increase engagement?” All to often, I see schools trying to increase parent engagement with the addition of activities designed to bring parents […]

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Effective communication sustains a positive work culture!

Effective communication sustains a positive work culture! thumbnail

Employees say you have a toxic culture? Here’s how to fix it Besides the fact that this beautiful view makes everything feel better, as I read this short article linked above, I found myself reflecting on my work with school leaders and how they are dragged everywhere in trying to manage a thin budget and […]

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